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Building Cleaning and Waterproofing

Some of the main reasons for cleaning buildings come from airborne dirt, atmospheric carbon, rust, mildew, fungus, exhaust residue, industrial pollutants, weathering, discoloration, efflorescence, paint chalking, lime stains, fire and smoke residue, graffiti and asphalt stains..

Building before Pressure Cleaning
Building after Pressure Cleaning

Restoration detergents have become the best low-cost and safest approach to restoring the original beauty of virtually all types of building materials.

Building Before Restore Cleaning
Building Restore Cleaning

After restoration it is very important to waterproof the surface to prevent moisture from causing future damage. Once moisture penetrates into the pores of any masonry material, it can cause serious cracks during freeze thaw cycles. These cracks can lead to permanent structural problems and hefty repair bills.



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