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"Tips to keep your deck coating lasting longer."

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Feel good knowing that properly maintaining your deck helps the environment. Each year about 3 million new decks are built in the United States. Every year an additional 3 million decks are replaced or repaired due largely to poor maintenance. If all decks in the U.S. were cared for properly, it would save over 6 million trees from being cut in a ten year span.

You can expect our coatings to provide ample protection for an average of 2 years on horizontal surfaces (floor) and up to 5 years on verticals (pickets) in most areas. Excessive foot traffic, animal claws and direct sunlight can promote pre-mature wear. We do recommend an annual deck wash to prevent mold and mildew growth, re-coating the horizontal surfaces every 2 years and a full re-coat at 4 years. We would be pleased to perform this service for you.


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